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November 6th, 2008

What is Virtual Consulting?

What do we mean anyway by Virtual Consulting?

What is a Virtual Consultant?

… and/or …

What is a Virtual Consulting Firm?

Well, why don’t we work together herein to formulate good definitions of
“Virtual Consulting”, “Virtual Consultants” and “Virtual Consulting Firms”, ok?
Let’s start with formulated a definition for a “Virtual Consultant”, ok?

What is the actual definition of a “Virtual Consultant”?

“con•sul•tant    ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kn-sltnt) n.
One who gives expert or professional advice.
One who consults another. …”
——————— (1)

And …

“vir•tu•al    ( P ) Pronunciation Key (vûrch-l) … Computer Science.
Created, simulated, or carried on by means of a computer or computer
network: virtual conversations in a chatroom.”
——————— (1)
(1) Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language,
Fourth Edition Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published
by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

So …

I guess a “Virtual Consultant” is anyone who gives “advice” by means of  computer and/or computer network! 🙂 .

which I guess that means that if you are providing any kind of service on the internet …

I would say that constitutes providing “advice” since the client is purchasing your service rather than doing it themselves due to some perceived expertise on your part that they are willing to pay you for, right?

And the Internet certainly is the ultimate computer network, right?! 🙂 .

So …

This definition of a Virtual Consultant is very inclusive and applicable to almost anyone doing business via the internet, computer, etc.

And I would “bet” that if you are reading this article, then …

You are probably doing business on the internet and likely fit this definition of a Virtual Consultant, right?

So … Congratulations! 🙂 .

You are a Virtual Consultant too after all, aren’t you?!

And you probably didn’t even know it, huh? 😉 .

(if you still have any questions as to whether or not You are a Virtual Consultant, Please read more about this topic in the “Are You A Virtual Consultant?” Article at: ok? )

Similarly …

“Virtual Consulting” may therefore be “defined” as:

“Performing (any type of) consulting services virtually / remotely,
e.g. via telecommuting and/or email and/or the internet, etc. vs. in
person / in house at the client’s site(s).”

and therefore by extension, a “Virtual Consulting Firm” is …

“A Consulting Firm (/ Virtual Company) comprised of Virtual Consultants providing Virtual Consulting Services virtually / remotely to clients from All over the world”! 🙂 .


What do You all think of these definitions of “Virtual Consulting”, “Virtual Consultants” and “Virtual Consulting Firms”?

Please Reply and Post Your Comments, Recommendations for improvement, etc. regarding our definitions of “Virtual Consulting”, “Virtual Consultants” and “Virtual Consulting Firms” Here, Ok?

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