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October 24th, 2008

Blog Action Day versus World Poverty Wrap Up

From: The Blog Action Day Team

Blog Action Day 2008 [against Global Poverty] has now come and gone, and was a HUGE success!  Congratulations [and Thank You] to all of you for making the day so fantastic.

We’ve compiled a wrap up page with just some of the amazing highlights of the day, so take a moment and head over to:

The page also includes links to sites where you can keep the action going, a video compiled by the good folks at Causecast and much more!  It really was a super day and the posts have just blown us all away.

We’ll be back in 2009 for another Blog Action Day, and we are looking forward to making it even bigger and better!”

Just because the against Global Poverty has ended …

Unfortunately World Poverty has not yet ended ;( you know?

So …

We will continue to Accept and Post Any and All Postings, Articles, Videos, etc. You write an anything related to Poverty to us at: and/or and/or Post them as Comments to this Posting …

And we will, again, Post Any and All Postings, Articles, Videos, Photos, etc. You write, have or create on our Blogs at The Virtual Consulting Firm and/or at for You so that You may Help Us Continue to Actively Fight Global Poverty! ok?

Please also Post Any and All of Your Comments, thoughts and ideas HERE and/or at:

and/or at:

regarding How we may All Work Together to End World Poverty as soon as possible and for All of our Mutual Benefits!, ok?

And …

Until Blog Action Day 2009, on behalf of The Virtual Consulting Firm and the Global Family …

Thank You for Your Support and Contributions to the Blog Action Day 2008 against Global Poverty and for All of Your Help in the Fight Against World Poverty! 🙂

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