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January 13th, 2011

How To Grow Your Business Without Increasing Your Staff

Do you need and/or want to grow your business?

But, …

Particularly in the current uncertain and challenging economy, …

You don’t want to incur the additional overhead of increasing your permanent staff at this time.

How can you most efficiently and effectively accomplish this?

One of the most efficient and effective ways in which you may continue to grow your business without increasing your permanent staff is by engaging one or more Virtual Consultants.

A Virtual Consultant can help you complete specific projects and/or tasks focused on achieving certain goals you have for growing your business, without your incurring all of the additional overhead of hiring a new employee(s) on your permanent staff.  Further, you also don’t have to incur the increased costs of the additional facilities and/or equipment required by a permanent staff member when utilizing a Virtual Consultant.  Virtual Consultants are able to work virtually / remotely from their own facilities and typically utilizing their own equipment.

And when the projects and/or tasks for which you engaged the Virtual Consultant have been completed, you don’t have to try and figure out how to keep them working productively while continuing to incur costs for them, or lay them off, you simply amiably part ways until you need them again.

Examples of some projects and tasks suitable for utilizing a Virtual Consultant include:

… and many more!

Virtual Consultants are also great for performing a wide variety of part time tasks for you, particularly those requiring very specialized skills, for which you may not consistently have enough work to justify a full time employee.  You can engage a Virtual Consultant on an as needed time and materials basis to perform such tasks for you as and just when you need them.

Examples of such part time tasks suitable for utilizing a Virtual Consultant include:

… and many more!

Finding and hiring all of the staff with all of the specialized skills needed to complete all of these types of projects and/or perform all of these types of tasks can be very time consuming and costly.  Further although the work load requiring a given specialized skill may vary significantly, if you have hired permanent staff to perform this work, then your overhead cost does not decrease when / even though the work load may have decreased.

Utilizing Virtual Consultants most efficiently and cost effectively provides you with the flexible work force you need to continue to grow your business whenever and however you wish and without increasing the size or cost of your staff.

If You would like Help Growing Your Business without increasing your permanent staff Today!, …

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